Achieving good health requires us all to become more aware of health risks and the potential effects they have, starting from before birth. Good health helps to ensure children are prepared for kindergarten and that they succeed during their school years. Poor health can prevent families and individuals from being financially stable. United Way is working to extend access to health care and related services that will enable more people to live healthier lives.

Our Goal

Health is essential to a quality of life.  Quality health keeps children on track in school and adults productive at work.

Health Aspirations:

• Promote access to affordable and quality physical, mental and dental health care.

• Promote independent living and quality of life by investing in programs that help older adults and those living with disabilities.

• Promote access to programs that teach healthy behaviors and promote wellness to prevent future problems.

Our work in Health

• Currently funding 12 agencies that help folks remain independent and healthy in their homes, address  regional health issues and prevent chronic disease.