Our program’s goal is to educate each 4-5 year olds within the school district before they enter kindergarten. Each year, we provide scholarships for families that cannot afford the monthly tuition. We have provided a scholarship for a family that had a child enrolled in our program last year and this school year. The children were provided a 2 day a week preschool education along, with transportation to school and back home, and participated in the free and reduced lunch program. The children were able to get 2 meals at school; breakfast and lunch. Throughout the preschool curriculum, the children were taught literacy, reading, math, social skills, fine motor and gross motor skills. The children participated in the Pre-K Reading Corps program, where they received extra help in letter recognition, along with rhyming, alliteration and beginning sounds. The children showed growth during the 3 benchmark assessments and data was shared with parents at two conference times. “I am so happy he is doing so well!” explained one mom at this fall’s conference. Because of the funding from United Way, these children were able to participate in Renville County West’s School Readiness program and will be prepared for kindergarten.