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10 years with Imagination Library

10 years with Imagination Library

10 years with Imagination Library

United Way of West central Minnesota is excited to be celebrating 10 year partnership with Imagination Library. We want to ensure children have positive developmental opportunities so that they can start school ready to succeed. We want to grow success in learning and in life. To date, over 6,000 children in west central Minnesota have receive books from the Imagination Library!

Through generous donations from United Way of West Central Minnesota donors, Imagination Library provides one book each month to children from birth to age 5 whose parents register to receive them. These colorful, age appropriate books are delivered directly to the child. Each book is selected for the developmental benefits it brings – and for the fun. There is no cost to the family.

Register Here!

Any child from birth to age five who resides in the United Way of West Central Minnesota territory which includes the following zip codes: 56222, 56260, 56201, 56209, 56216, 56246, 56251, 56253, 56273, 56279, 56281, 56282, 56288, 56289, 55355, 55324, 56243, 56288, 55310, 56230, 56277, 56284, 56285, 56226, 56215, 56231, 56252, and 56271 is eligible to receive books.

We need your support…

Ideally, we would like to reach 100{ac5afaac4cb0d303f84fa677e68308a8c81f291ae173127265695e534d5e3f47} of our children. We cannot make significant steps toward that goal without your help! “Imagination Library was designed to help children dream more, learn more, care more and be more, and it is really working,” said Dolly Parton. Please help spread the word about Imagination Library!
We also need your support to fund the program. Just $30 is needed to sponsor one child for one year. With your support, we can help every young child find the spark of their own imagination through reading books.
To make a donation, please click HERE.

*Please allow about 8 weeks for delivery. Not all books are shipped at the same time. Households enrolling children of different ages should expect books for each child to arrive at different times.

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