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High School Senior Awarded Volunteerism Scholarship 2022 (2 of 4)

High School Senior Awarded Volunteerism Scholarship 2022 (2 of 4)

Each year the United Way of West Central Minnesota offers scholarships to students who volunteer. There’s a natural gap between what government and business do to contribute to the community. Volunteers and non-profits fill that gap. 33 students in our area applied this year, and four were selected to receive to scholarship sent directly to their college of choice. Our second awardee highlight is:

Margaret Boerema

Why do you feel it is important to volunteer?

Volunteering is one of the most important things people can do because it is a way to give back. As kids, we don’t realize how many people volunteer to make activities great for us. As students, we don’t realize how volunteer groups make many of our favorite activities possible. Communities need volunteers to be able to offer both exciting and necessary services. If people needed to be paid for everything they did, homeless shelters could hardly exist, youth sports would cost far too much for everyone to be able to participate, and many people would have to go without important parts of life. Innumerable individual people have been impacted hugely by someone choosing to volunteer. When I was a kid, I looked up to the girls who worked with me at basketball. They inspired me to stay in the sport, which ended up becoming something I will continue in college. Additionally, I do not believe there are very many ways to better self-fulfill than to volunteer. Usually, the brightest part of my day is working with the middle school special needs students. Caring for others can be unbelievably fulfilling, and if people don’t volunteer, I believe they miss out on the giddy feeling that can result from volunteering. Volunteering can also open up your eyes to the world. Living in a small town in Minnesota, I am relatively protected from the poverty and hardship some people suffer. On a mission trip, I was given the opportunity to work at a homeless shelter, which opened my eyes to how good I have it. All in all, volunteering is super important because it gives back, it makes you feel fulfilled, and inspires gratitude in you. Join us in congratulating and wishing all high school seniors all the best in their next chapters.

This year’s outstanding seniors:

33 applications, 4 winners being awarded at school presentations.
Scholarships will be awarded at $500 each and sent directly to the recipient’s college of attendance upon verification of enrollment.
If you’d like to find areas of need that you could contribute to click here to find a list of current needs.