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High School Senior Awarded Volunteerism Scholarship 2022 (3 of 4)

High School Senior Awarded Volunteerism Scholarship 2022 (3 of 4)

Each year the United Way of West Central Minnesota offers scholarships to students who volunteer. There’s a natural gap between what government and business do to contribute to the community. Volunteers and non-profits fill that gap. 33 students in our area applied this year, and four were selected to receive to scholarship sent directly to their college of choice. Our third awardee highlight is:

Holly Bratsch
Renville County West

Why do you feel it is important to volunteer?

Volunteering is an important aspect of my life and I think it should be incorporated into as many areas as possible, starting during the youth years and continuing as one ages. I have always enjoyed putting my time into volunteer experiences, as exemplified by the many volunteer opportunities I have been part of, and have found that I’ve gotten a lot more out of these volunteer experiences than I had initially expected. To begin, I think it is extremely important for people, especially youth, to give their time to the community, considering how much the community does for each individual. Not only do volunteer experiences give back to the community by helping improve its inner workings, but they also provide several experiences of growth for the people. These experiences teach people, particularly the younger generation, what it means to do something without expecting anything in return, and the feelings of pride and happiness that come with the completion of a day’s worth of volunteering. I feel that this virtue is crucial in building a strong community that will last for years to come but also when building a person’s character. Another reason why volunteering is important is because of the relationships that one builds with others. Developing new relationships among peers is critical because a person’s support system has a greater chance to grow, and the bonds within the community are strengthened as well. When a person spends more of their time volunteering, they also end up spending more time with people of all backgrounds and ages. This time spent together can help provide insight into one another’s lives and help each individual become a more well-rounded person that will carry over into daily life. I believe that strong relationships are the heart of a community and a result of working together, and it’s essential that people are constantly improving this aspect of their life. Finally, volunteer experiences offer many different learning opportunities, whether it be the correct way to execute a task or learning life lessons from older, more experienced peers. These experiences offer a chance to develop as a person and to figure out what sort of activities someone enjoys taking part in. I firmly believe that these reasons, along with many others, are what make volunteering such a critical portion of my life.

Join us in congratulating and wishing all high school seniors all the best in their next chapters.

This year’s outstanding seniors:

33 applications, 4 winners being awarded at school presentations.
Scholarships will be awarded at $500 each and sent directly to the recipient’s college of attendance upon verification of enrollment.
If you’d like to find areas of need that you could contribute to click here to find a list of current needs.