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High School Senior Awarded Volunteerism Scholarship 2022 (4 of 4)

High School Senior Awarded Volunteerism Scholarship 2022 (4 of 4)

Each year the United Way of West Central Minnesota offers scholarships to students who volunteer. There’s a natural gap between what government and business do to contribute to the community. Volunteers and non-profits fill that gap. 33 students in our area applied this year, and four were selected to receive to scholarship sent directly to their college of choice. Our final awardee highlight is:

Grace McDonnell
BOLD High School

Why do you feel it is important to volunteer?

To me, volunteering is important because it provides time, energy, and friendly faces for the facilities providing to the less fortunate. Donations in the form of food, money, furniture, and even blood, are wonderful but without a voluntary labor force to dispense them, they would go to waste. If a blood drive did not have volunteers to check in donors, then the donors would not be able to donate. If the food shelf did not have any workers, its customers would not be able to get the food they need. Because of this volunteers are a vital part of the cause they serve. Regardless if the volunteering involves four-legged furry friends, lots of spaghetti, assisting a teacher in their daily tasks, or cheering on young athletes, whatever it may be, it provides for and benefits the community we live in. The act of volunteering is selfless in nature, and that is why the most important part of volunteering is not what I benefit from it but what others, my community, receive in exchange for my time.

Join us in congratulating and wishing all high school seniors all the best in their next chapters. 

This year’s outstanding seniors:

33 applications, 4 winners being awarded at school presentations.
Scholarships will be awarded at $500 each and sent directly to the recipient’s college of attendance upon verification of enrollment.
If you’d like to find areas of need that you could contribute to click here to find a list of current needs.