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Kevin Dietrich – Executive Director

Kevin Dietrich – Executive Director

In March of 2020, Kevin Dietrich became the new Executive Director of the United Way of West Central Minnesota. Who is this guy, you may be asking, and why is he a good fit? In this article, we hope to help answer those questions and introduce you.

Aside from being a fun person to speak with, and generally a great guy overall, Kevin brings a passion for learning and a dedication to figuring out the best ways to serve the communities of our area. Kevin joined the United Way staff at the onset of a global pandemic which significantly altered how things had been done in the past, and also what needs are most prevalent. While his day-to-day activities may be far removed from his initial expectations, his excitement to lead the organization through these trying times cannot be understated. A desire to serve permeates every action and decision, and the goal of shaping how the organization functions to better serve its constituents is at the forefront of his efforts. He is honored to serve West Central Minnesota in this capacity and is well-suited to the task.

His father was a guiding influence in his life, instilling a passion for facing challenges with a strategic and forward-thinking approach. Kevin and his wife Andrea, both from Rockford, MN, are parents to five children ranging from twenty-six years old to a four-year-old and are also proud grandparents. Kevin and Andrea make their home on five acres near Litchfield, MN. His home, built in 1906 provides ample opportunity for him to stay busy. Along with their children, their property is also home to a collection of chickens, goats, bunnies, and sometimes pigs. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys the process of learning something new. An avid reader and possessing a love of woodworking, he describes his true hobby as finding new hobbies. The process of learning something new is what truly excites him.

Kevin graduated from St. Cloud State University, his first foray into the non-profit world was accepting a position as development director for Holy Trinity Schools in Winsted, MN.  In this capacity, he was also active in the Winstock and Higher Ground music festivals.  Since then, he has held positions as Sr. Director of Operations at True Friends (Formerly Camp Courage/Camp Friendship), Executive director of the Adult Training and Habilitation Center, and was the Board chair for the Mcleod County Habitat for Humanity.  The prospect of working for an organization with the reach and breadth of the United Way was enticing.

Being an extrovert by nature, Kevin is driven by personal relationships with his fellow community members and leaders. His positive outlook and drive for achievement lend themselves well to his desire to problem solve and improve things to be better and to serve more. He is touched by the overwhelming support he has been given by the community at large and the United Way of West Central Minnesota board of directors.

As the non-profit landscape continues to shift, and as the United Way begins to focus its efforts on being more transformational than transactional, Kevin is thrilled to seek out ways the organization can have a greater and more lasting impact on the communities it serves, each with their own unique needs and challenges. Though this shift can be challenging and seem uncertain in these times, Kevin is confident that the approach to provide more programming locally will be a successful one.

The United Way of West Central Minnesota works to unite local communities and to improve lives right here in our backyard. However, Kevin and the entire United Way team understand that it takes a community effort to have the most positive impact. We invite you to become involved whether you volunteer your time or provide much-needed financial support. Your support makes an incredible difference in the lives of others in our area. We are all in this together!