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Empower: Women United

EMPOWER: Women United is EDUCATING women about our community’s most pressing needs, ENGAGING women as philanthropic leaders and active community investors and EMPOWERING women to be a part of positive change in our community.

EMPOWER: Women United is a unique movement of women, working together to engage, educate and empower others to become leaders and actively participate in the success of our community. We invest in quality programs, advocate for better policies, and encourage community involvement to help provide children and families with education, health and basic needs – the building blocks for a good quality of life.   It is our goal to create a powerful, passionate network of women who share their time, talent and resources to collectively strengthen our community.  Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and our friends – we invite you all to become members of this proud tradition.

EMPOWER: Women United is preparing our community’s youngest population for kindergarten and beyond. When Empower was created in 2006, half of our children were not prepared to learn when they entered kindergarten.  Our plan is to help our community equip families and caregivers so all of the children in our county can be ready to learn and be successful upon entering our school systems.  We know that if you reach children at an early age it pays off with higher graduations rates, lower teen pregnancy rates, and more success in school and life. For more information on Empower contact Julie Anfinson julie@liveunitedwcm.org or 320-235-1050  


Community Grow Mobile

Growmobile: Mobile preschool providing access to early childhood and parent education for children and families and childcare across the community.

Expanded Growmobile site visits for the summer and  winter childcare provider visits.

Early Learning Screening Packs filled with educational materials and learning activities for parents and kids  given out at  early learning  screenings across the community.

Funding Imagination Library  to ensure books are in the hands of children at an early age to promote literacy.

Program Sponsors networking and creating lasting community change for our community’s children.

More than $740,978 raised to help prepare children for school.

Recent Community Project Grants established for early education advancements and needs. As of April 2015,  Empower has granted $69,894 to projects like: – Willmar ECFE Kinder Camp Program – ACGC OWL Kindergarten School Readiness program

Success by 6” column in the West Central Tribune that offers early learning advice and activities for parents and caregivers.

United Way Empower is working with ECI in Willmar and KMS schools and the Willmar Early Childhood Cabinet.